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NOEL Chairperson
 Jack McMaster

Jack McMaster, Director of Education
Keewatin-Patricia District School Board

The Northern Ontario Education Leaders (NOEL) appointed Jack McMaster, Director of Education of the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board, to be the Chair of NOEL for 2010 - 2012. 

"It is a pleasure to act as the Chair of NOEL over the next two years. The NOEL leaders are a dynamic group of Directors and education leaders who have partnered to focus on improving student achievement in Northwestern Ontario. NOEL supports educators by offering conferences and special initiatives.

The strength that NOEL brings to the north is our desire to network with one another and attend our focus to student success. We are public and Catholic educators working with partners to serve all students in the north. We share best practice and hire from within to support teacher learning across Northwestern Ontario. It is that sense of global thinking that will build a better future for all of us in the north and beyond.

I look forward to working with the NOEL partners and staff to ensure that our students are provided the best possible educational opportunities. We know that every child can learn, and deserves our collaborative effort."