Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Facebook is among the leading social media platforms in the world. According to their Quarterly report of 2017, the number of active Facebook users grew by 14% to 2.13 billion. With this information, no serious entrepreneur would ignore such a platform when planning their social media marketing strategies. Notably, Facebook realizes you need to attract an online audience to your store. As such, it offers you two forms of ads – Facebook click ads and conversation ads.

Difference between Facebook click ads and Facebook conversion ads

Now, you may be asking what the difference between the two is. Worry not. Facebook click ads aim at enhancing your lead generation by directing target audience to your site by clicking the link provided. On the other hand, Facebook conversion ads are a form of advertisement that eliminates the form filling task for a potential customer. Here, platform fills the lead form for your clients using their Facebook details. As such, the customer only confirms the information by clicking the send button. Here are the valid reasons why you need to consider the latter as your social media marketing option:

High conversion rates of leads to clients

If you are looking for an easy and natural way to achieve your conversion objectives,  Then Facebook conversion ad is your best solution. Unlike other lead generation options, Facebook conversion ads perform the form filling task for an audience.

As your target customers are navigating your page, Facebook pops up a filled up form and request them to take action. In this process, if the customers enjoy your offers, they will take the requested actions without any delay. This act is contrary to where they have to do the lead form filling. Hence, you can save their time and convert them into clients within in the shortest time possible.

Affordable social marketing strategy

According to findings by Digital Marketer, a leading online research platform, Facebook conversion ads has five times lead generation ability about both Facebook clicks and online ads. Also, the strategy only requires a fifth of the amount you need to run an online ads campaign. In this regard, you only need a little investment to generate more leads and convert them into customers. You will only spend a small percentage of your marketing budget to generate high returns for your business. As such, it is a good option for startups and business suffering from budgetary constraints.

Enhance your customer targeting

Reaching the right audience with the right information is a burning desire in every entrepreneur’s mind. By doing so, you are sure of making sales without many efforts. However, this remains a wishful thought for many. Fortunately, Facebook realizes your need for the right customers. For this reason, through the conversion ads, it gives you an opportunity to optimize your adverts for the niche you want to target. Hence, only your target market gets your message which makes it easier for you to generate more leads and sales.

Ability to monitor your ad performance

Knowing how your ads are performing is the hardest task for any business owner. For instance, you cannot tell the number of people who received your radio ads or viewed the television ones. As such, you only rely on estimation and guesswork. In comparison, Facebook conversion ads offer you a chance to track and monitor each ad campaign performance. Hence, you can tell whether the technique was a success or a fail.

As you can see, Facebook conversion ads are a reliable social media marketing option.