With the current online marketplace evolvement, your social media interaction is critical. Given that social platforms are now the second largest online markets, no webpreneur can avoid it. Thus, if you are seeking to succeed in your online or physical store, you need a social media marketing strategy. As you know, even though the people moved to social platforms, their social characters did not change. This means that people will buy products and services from brands or business they know. As such, your online presence is vital.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is hard to remain online throughout the day to ensure you are accessible or interact with your social media users. Also, it is technically hard to update your social media platforms at once. Do you have to hire social media managers?  Read on to know. With advancement in technology, developers have come up with several tools that you can use to automatize your social media page posting. Here are the top 4:


This social media auto posting tool offers you an opportunity to automatize your post for the three leading social platforms which are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Here, you can develop an unlimited number of social posts and content that you want to share your business pages and groups. Also, you can either set a posting schedule or let the tool automatically design it.

Besides, Buffer is easy to use. It also offers you several options for scheduling or updating your posts which include browser extensions, mobile apps, and buffer’s dashboard. Again, if you do not have the cash to pay for the available plans, the platform offers you ten free posts per day. As such, you can keep your audience updated without spending extra costs.


According to current statistics, HootSuite is the leading social sharing automation tool. Like Buffer, it offers you a chance to schedule automatic posting on the three major social platforms. However, this tool adds Google+ as the forth platform.  Also, you can schedule blog and YouTube videos posting directly without any adjustments. The reason why Hootsuite stands out from the rest is due to its analytic features. With it, you can monitor your post sharability. As such, you know how many people viewed them as well as those who took a step to share them with peers. Thus, it helps you to measure the success of your social interaction.  Apart from this, Hootsuite notifies you before publishing the next post. Hence, you can decide whether to post it or do away with it.


If Hootsuite and Buffer do not match your social media marketing strategies, you can opt for TweetDeck. Like other auto-posting tools, you can schedule posts for various social platforms. The good side of this tool is its downloadable ability. You can download it and install it on your computing device. So, you can prepare and schedule posts while offline where they will be synchronized automatically once you are online.  However, TweetDeck no longer supports post scheduling for Facebook. So, you cannot use it to target your Facebook audience which is a setback.

Post Planner

Is your social media marketing strategy targeting the Facebook users only? If this is so, Post Planner is the best option. This tool allows you to schedule auto posting on all your Facebook groups and pages. Also, it comes with the ability to search for the trending content in your niche. Hence you can keep your audience updated on the new developments.

With the above four auto-posting tools, you can keep your social media audience engaged. Also, the tools enhance the success of your social media marketing strategies through availing relevant information to them at any time.