The Bitter Truth About

Digital Marketing

A lot has been documented about the benefits of (and how to succeed in) digital marketing. But there are a lot of truths that marketers don’t tell you about it. However, when you read through the truths about digital marketing, the silence becomes justified. That’s because the truths can be devastating and can cause many would-be entrepreneurs to abandon their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs. However, if you are a prospective entrepreneur who would want to grow your business quickly, it’s prudent that you hear the truths. Let’s look at them:

Digital marketing truth #1: You won’t start minting money tomorrow

The bitter truth about digital marketing is that you will not start experiencing results tomorrow, after a few week or after a few months. Most first-time business owners throw a ton of money into digital marketing thinking that they will start experiencing results tomorrow, the next week or within a few months. Digital marketing strategies like SEO take months or even years to kick in. So if you’ve optimized your website today for search engines, expect to start ranking on the first page of search engines after 6 months to one year. Any digital marketing agency that tells you that they can help your site rank on the first page of Google in a week is an outright lie.

Digital marketing truth #2: There are thousands of businesses using the same digital marketing channels as you

Today, almost every business is online, and they are taking advantage of the many digital marketing channels like social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, blogging, Pay-Per-Click advertising and more to grow their business and brands. So the chances of your business navigating to the top are slim to none. Many experienced marketers say that content can help you stand out from competitors, but if you don’t have the right product or service, no one will look at your content. So before your business pops, you will have to spend money to get your product and content up to scratch.

Digital marketing truth #3: Spending a ton of money to channel traffic to your website won’t guarantee impressive ROI

Most first-time online business owners burn money on digital marketing efforts to attract a ton of traffic to their websites thinking that doing so will result in faster return on investment. Many who have done that have ended up frustrated when nothing shows for their efforts. Some have even give up on entrepreneurship entirely. The reason their efforts don’t yield any fruits is that they target the wrong audience, and their websites are not properly designed. If you’re a business owner, you should target the right audience by researching who they are, what they like, their pain points and where they like to hang out. You can then formulate digital marketing strategies that will work for the target audience. This way, you’re sure of getting traffic that is interested and willing to buy your products and services. Your website should also be properly designed to minimize bounce rate and abandonment.

Digital marketing truth #4: Creating numerous social media profiles won’t help your digital marketing efforts

It’s not uncommon to see new business owners creating many social profiles and sending requests to friends and family members to like and follow them. This strategy will not help you nail and grow sales. With social media, you have to engage first before you can sell. Customers must develop faith and trust in your brand before they can buy.

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So if you were thinking of making a kill with digital marketing, stop, take a step back and think. Your first step should be leaning not earning. Once you get to grips with your target market, you’ll start watching the money trickling in.

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